• How do I book my trip?

Decide whether you are traveling locally or internationally > view trip details > go through itinerary > select view dates > pick preferred or provided date > fill in your details > proceed to Addons and Payment  


  • Are Flight tickets included?

Flights are not included, and cannot be provided at an additional cost. 

Tickets should be booked as soon as you book the trip.

Book your tickets for arrival as per the first day in the itinerary.

Send us your plane ticket.


  • Are Visas included ?

We do not offer a visa service, refer to the visa requirements in the “Important Notes” section of the trip details

We provide an accommodation letter, or an invitation letter in regards to the location of the trip.


  • How do I find other travellers on my flight 

A WhatsApp group for the trip will be created with all travellers as well as the trip’s chaperone, so you can coordinate with travellers on the same flight.


  • Are international trip payments in USD ?

All international trips payments are to be paid in USD.

Through a bank transfer or in cash. 


  • How do I secure my spot on the trip ?

For international trips a 25% is required to secure booking

For local trips a 50% deposit is required to secure booking

A full payment should be made a week before the trip

You will receive an email notifying you of your second payment deadline