Brazil Visa Information

Please note that while we do include information about visa requirements, we always recommend that passengers check with their local embassy as visa rules can change without warning.

Visa Process for Egyptians

Documentation required for a visitor's visa:

  1. Visit
  2. Upload the below documents:
  • Valid Passport
  • Recent Photo against white background
  • Two Way Ticket
  • Accommodation Confirmation
  • 3 months bank statement
  • Letter from the employer informing monthly salary
  • Print the RER and attach the photo and sign it. (It will be required later)
  1. Visit
  2. Choose English language
  3. Create an account
  4. Choose the Visit visa service (VIVIS)
  5. Start the process. You will be asked to upload the scanned required documents.
  6. The embassy requires an 80$ visa deposit that should be deposited at the bank itself and not transferred. Scan the Deposit receipt and upload it. These are the bank details: CIB / Embassy of Brazil-Consular / 100029799479
  7. After the embassy communicate for passport pickup, applicants should log on to the e-consular and start a new service and select Finalized Service and choose a pick up time. We would recommend to logging in after a couple of days to check if this option is available.